Q:  Why can't I set a home point?  It keeps telling me I have to be outdoors!

A:  We have modified the Teleportation plugin so that you must be outside to use it.  This include setting homes, and TPing to/from a home or player.  The reason?  We didn't like how players use TP to wall off secure bunkers.  If you want a bunker base, you gotta do it the old fashion way!


Q:  The remove tool doesn't seem to work for certain building blocks like walls or foundations.


A:  Yep!  Same reason as above.  


Q: So are bunkers not allowed?


A: Anything that you can build in vanilla rust, you can do here.  We've just configured our plugins so that it doesn't make it easier to do things we think are cheesy.  But by all means, if cheese is your way, then go for it.  


Q: Can I take over someone else's base? 


A:  No.  We want players to be able to retain their base after a raid.  This means you should remove all doors afterward.  Don't wall in rooms or add traps.  Don't destroy more than you have to.   The exception would be a raid base.  If someone is raiding you, you may take over the raid base as a defense.  


Q:  What do I do if someone is harrasing me?  


A:  Reach out to a mod in game or on discord.  If you are unable to find anyone on, hit me (nof) up on discord directly.  If I am available, I will hop on and take care of anything that needs taking care of.


Q:  Is KOS allowed?

A:  The short answer is yes.  However, we desire for this to be a chill server.  Most people  here won't KOS.  The only reason this isn't the rule is that it's too hard to enforce.  If, however, someone is constantly roaming, just looking for kills - it will be addressed.


Q:  Is roof/door camping allowed?


A:  NO.  This falls in the category of toxic behavour and is not allowed.  However, the line here blurs during raids.  If you are holding a door to protect your raid, that's ok.  Likewise, if you are sniping raiders from your roof, that is also ok.  


Q:  I have a problem with a mod.  What can I do?


A:  The best thing you can do is talk to me (nof).  Do not argue with mods.  All chat logs are saved and reviewed by me routinely.  The moderators are instructed to let another mod or myself handle any disputes involvuing themselves that arise during gameplay.  If, however, this is not possible, there are certain lines which I cannot allow to be crossed.   Toxic chat, Racism, Harrasement will get you banned no matter what. 


Q:  Can I appeal a ban?


A:  If you feel you were banned without good cause, or you admit your mistake and would like a second chance, message the owner in discord.