1. Keep it relatively clean.  Toxicity, racism, excessive profanity or vulgarity (in chat or signs) will not be tolerated. 
2. No griefing. Do what is necessary to protect your raid, but afterward, remove doors and traps and allow the player to recover their base.  
3. PVP is allowed just don't be a dick. Don't KOS new nakeds on the beach.  Don't go out roaming with the intention of just killing all.  At the end of a fight, I want GGs.  No threats or toxicity.
4. Max group is 4.  That means no more than 4 in a base or walled compound.  No more than 4 raiding/roaming.
5. No roof/door camping. 
6.  No VAC or game bans
7.  Respect the mods and admin.  If you get banned, you can appeal to the owner via discord.
8.  Have fun!  This is just a game.  Try not to take it so serious.